Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Who We Are.

Solar.TV LLC (hereinafter “Solar.TV,” “Solar TV,” “we,” and/or “us”) is an Arkansas limited liability company with its principal place of business at 26 East Meadow Street, Suite 13, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701. Please save a tree and do not mail us anything except legal notices. All other communications and inquiries should be directed to support@solar.tv or +1-310 346 8523.

What We Do.

Solar.TV is a non-installing, elite dealer for SunPower. We sell photovoltaic (PV) systems that harness energy from the sun to generate electricity. Solar is the only thing we sell, and we only sell SunPower because we believe their products, their people, and their warranties are the very best in the industry. When you buy a SunPower system through us, you are actually contracting directly with SunPower for a complete solar solution – including your system’s parts, design, installation, operation, and warranty. You’re getting all the benefits of being a direct customer of SunPower, but you have our team simultaneously working to enhance the level of satisfaction and support that you receive throughout your entire solar journey.

We Don’t Lend.

Solar.TV is neither a lender nor a financial institution. To improve purchase accessibility, we often assist our customers in submitting solar loan applications through third-party lenders. However, we have no role in establishing credit criteria nor making credit decisions for any of the financing options we may present to our customers. We receive no compensation for providing our customers with financing support – only for selling solar systems. We encourage our customers to shop around for alternative financing to see if better terms can be obtained elsewhere. We are not able to modify loan approvals, fees, rates, terms, etc. Lenders typically extend loans to customers with good credit, especially loans with special rates and/or terms. Lenders generally only underwrite loans for solar systems being installed on owner-occupied primary residences. Loan agreements are full of important terms and conditions, which are not covered in this disclaimer. For detailed information about any financing option we present, please direct your inquiries to the corresponding lender.

We Do Deals.

Solar.TV creates a unique proposal for each and every solar system it designs for a client. Clients may review multiple proposals before ultimately accepting a final design/proposal. Each proposal contains a complete, itemized, and time-sensitive offer for a solar system – including the system’s configuration, price, incentives, rebates, taxes, tax credits, and so on. Specific parameters contained in one proposal are unique to that proposal and may not necessarily be transferable to another proposal, even for the same client/system. Proposal parameters can be greatly impacted by a variety of different factors: system size, panels used, promotional offers, price structuring, timing, and so on. Any specific rebate amounts, interest rates, payment amounts, or deferred payments contained in any of our advertisements were included to be illustrative of special offers that are currently available. All incentives, promos, rebates, tax credits, and/or other special offers are subject to limited availability and to change with or without notice. Neither Solar.TV nor SunPower warrants, guarantees, and/or otherwise advises customers about specific tax outcomes. If solar tax credits are an important consideration for you, then we strongly recommend that you speak with your tax advisor prior to consummating your purchase of a solar system – because realizing all or part of the available tax benefits from your solar purchase will depend heavily on your unique tax situation.

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