For CustomersYour Meeting Is Scheduled.

Your Meeting Is Scheduled.

Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to earn your business! We value your time and promise to come prepared. To fulfill this promise, we ask for two things from you in return. First, please email a copy of your most recent electric bill to as soon as possible. Second, if you will not be able to attend, please reschedule or cancel our meeting at your earliest possible opportunity. The calendar invitation for the meeting, which should be delivered to your email inbox within a few moments, contains links that make rescheduling or canceling a breeze. You can also reach us by calling/texting 310-346-8523 or emailing

Please email a copy of your most recent electric bill to

All our meetings are conducted virtually using Google Meet. The link that you will need in order to join our virtual meeting room will be included in the calendar invitation, which should hit your email inbox moments after the meeting is scheduled. You do not need a Google account to join our virtual meeting. Simply click the link to open your web browser to our meeting login screen, then click the button to join the meeting.


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